Monday, November 29, 2010

3-Day Meal Plan

Foods to avoid are empty calories such as chips. Foods to eat are carbs, fats, proteins, vegetables, and drink water. It is ideal for an athlete to eat every 2 to 4 hours small snacks rich in calories. Athletes need more calories than regular people because they burn those calories working out. Athletes always need to replenish they're source of energy so that they may perform they're best
Day 1: Breakfast: Skim Milk, eggs, oatmeal, waffles
Snack: Granola Bar
Lunch: Chicken Ceaser Salad
Snack: Apple or other fruits,
Dinner: Whole wheat rice and chicken, orange
Day 2: Breakfast: Turkey bacon, Whole-grain cereal
Snack: Mixed nuts
Lunch: Tomato sauce pasta
Snack: Carrot sticks, celery
Dinner: Chicken breast, dinner roll, banana

Day 3: Breakfast: Yogurt, orange juice, and piece of toast
Lunch: Steamed broccoli, rice, piece of meat
Snack: Peanut butter and jelly sandwich
Dinner: Grilled salmon, rice and basil


By Leo Roese

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  1. It is good to share the Meal plan for 3 days. Athletes need really more calories then a normal person.

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